Is Crowdfunding legal?

Crowdfunding is a new concept to many and, as with all new concepts that threaten the status quo, there are many opinions about what is or isn’t legal regarding different aspects of crowdfunding.

At we follow all current UK legislation, as well as FSA regulations, to ensure that we are able to offer our Members a clear, simple and, above all, legal structure.

Crowdfunding & The Law – Fact or Fiction?

Crowdahouse has spent many months in developing its property investment club and taken high level legal advice along the way to ensure that our Members are benefitting from a transparent and legal framework.

Take Proper Advice Before Investing!

All our Members are advised to review any crowdfunding opportunities with their own independent legal advisors before entering into any crowdfunding agreements.

Whatever your investment aims are with crowd funding, we urge you to make sure that you do as much due diligence as possible, invest as safely as possible and take professional and legal advice before parting with your money. It could mean the difference between winning and losing.


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Investing in property is something that must be considered carefully. You are advised to seek independent investment advice before entering into any purchase agreement or crowdfunding group.
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